Welcome to VEGUARY! We are very excited to share this amazing experience with you!

Here is what’s in store for you:

VEGUARY Kicks Off on February 1st. View the Game Changers documentary screening with a free pre-Super Bowl themed party.

Nutrition Education MythBusters! Follow PlantDiego on social media all month. We’ll be busting those commonly held plant-based nutrition myths left and right!

Visit local restaurants for WFPB oil-free options and support PlantDiego at the same time!

Be a part of the Team by helping to add qualifying restaurants to the list! We also have some RESTAURANT OUTINGS in the works!

Recipes Every Day! Follow us on social media all month long to see what the PlantDiego team is eating during the challenge! Recipes included.

VEGUARY Focus Group.  Join our moderated Facebook group for online discussions and support. Share what you made and the recipes.

VEGUARY Wrap-Up on March 1st. This may be our wrap-up but it’s not the end of your plant-based journey! Join us for a Potluck and WFPB Chef Challenge.

While this is a FREE program, we greatly appreciate DONATIONS for our programs which include community cooking classes, vegan food tastings, film screenings and MORE. Our objective is to let everyone know how great REAL food tastes and feels and share recipes and ideas! Donations ARE tax deductible!

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The VEGUARY challenge is designed by San Diegans for San Diegans! Look for upcoming special events, meal plans, local participating restaurant menus, shopping lists and tons of resources to get you started on a healthy whole food, plant-based lifestyle!



We are dedicated to educating and informing San Diegans about the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet — for optimal nutrition and health; environmental sustainability (including mitigation of food waste); and for compassion and mindfulness in food choices. PlantDiego is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit and are a project under our umbrella organization Social Good Fund.

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