Twenty-six years ago I made a decision that has impacted my life more than almost any other decision I’ve made and I have experienced great joy and peace as a result. I decided to stop eating meat, dairy or eggs and to focus my diet on only plant foods. The well-being and vitality I have experienced personally have been immense, and I also know that by choosing this way of eating I care for Mother Earth and the animals inhabiting the planet. Compassion for animals, spiritual peace, care of the planet, health, and joy of eating are the radical results of my adopting a plant-centered diet. How many other simple acts in life create such enormous benefit? I don’t know of any! I hope you may consider joining me in moving closer to a plant-powered way of eating! I don’t expect anyone to do things the way I do. I offer my experience with the hopes it will inspire people to adopt some of the things I’ve learned, and I want to be a part of the transition for those who are interested in moving toward a more plant-based approach to eating. I’ve been a healthy eating and cooking instructor and co-founded Veg-Appeal in San Diego.

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