100% Vegan Businesses in San Diego


VeganDiego! is a frequently updated pdf for all things vegan in San Diego, including 100% vegan restaurants, non profits, personal chefs, doctors/health professionals, activism, discount coupons and much much more!

Download the VeganDiego! pdf.

Vegan-Friendly Businesses in San Diego

Vegan in San Diego

VSD a frequently updated website for all vegan (and vegan options) restaurants, non profits, personal chefs, doctors/health professionals, and activism.

Check out the Vegan In San Diego website.

Last Chance for Animals

The LCA – San Diego chapter has a frequently updated website and pdf of vegan friendly restaurants, shopping, food delivery and classes in San Diego.

Download the LCA restaurant and business guide pdf.

Plant-Based Guidelines and Resources


Veg-Appeal offers a list of vegan resources, MeetUp and Facebook groups in San Diego.

View the resources list.



We are dedicated to educating and informing San Diegans about the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet — for optimal nutrition and health; environmental sustainability (including mitigation of food waste); and for compassion and mindfulness in food choices. PlantDiego is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit and are a project under our umbrella organization Social Good Fund.

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