Plant-Based Cooking Classes and Coaching


Veg-Appeal’s comprehensive offerings include educational cooking classes, corporate wellness, individual cooking lessons, store tours, and personal health coaching. All of their classes are gluten-, dairy-, and oil-free. They’ll help you achieve your health goals through a whole-food, plant-powered and planet-friendly way of eating.

Go to the Veg-Appeal website to learn more.

Soul in the Raw

Soul in the Raw offers online vegan meal plans and educational programs well as in-person, hands-on coaching. Their website offers raw and cooked vegan recipes, plant-based nutrition tips and tutorials, and inspiration to lead a healthy, plant-based, unprocessed high raw-vegan lifestyle.

Go to the Soul in the Raw website to learn more.



We are dedicated to educating and informing San Diegans about the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet — for optimal nutrition and health; environmental sustainability (including mitigation of food waste); and for compassion and mindfulness in food choices. PlantDiego is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit and are a project under our umbrella organization Social Good Fund.

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