Welcome to the PlantStart Challenge! We are very excited to share this amazing experience with you!

We will have free classes & events for the entire month of January as well as prizes, yoga, and more! RSVP on our Facebook page or our Meetup group.

Details TBA and all official PlantDiego sponsored January events will be listed separately as meet ups where you can RSVP – so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, please read the Challenge Guidelines and familiarize yourself with the types of foods recommended and not recommended.

Use the PlantDiego “Resources” page to help make your transition to whole food, plant-based easier.
• The Food and Restaurant Guides help keep you on track when you eat out. 
• Our Classes and Coaching is a great way to begin your WFPB culinary adventure.

Email us directly or post your questions on our Facebook page to get group support and answers.

The PlantStart Challenge is designed by San Diegans, specifically for San Diegans! Stay tuned for meal plans, local participating restaurant menus, shopping lists and tons of resources to get you started on a healthy whole food, plant-based lifestyle!

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