About Us

Our Mission

Our leaders “dig” PlantDiego!

PlantDiego’s mission is to educate and inform San Diegans about the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet for optimal nutrition and health, for environmental sustainability, for compassion and mindfulness. We seek to rally our community around the unifying concept of adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet. In that regard, we will work with groups and provide support for individuals in transitioning to and/or maintaining a plant-based, animal-free diet and being conscientious stewards of the environment.

Our Story

PlantDiego was inspired by the movie PlantPure Nation. One of the actionable outcomes of the movie was creating pods of smaller groups around the country to help educate and support people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. PlantDiego’s goal is to create a place for any vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious person to get information about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, the impact a plant-based diet has on the environment, and ways to get involved in local activities from social events to protests.

If you have content to add to the site or events that you’d like to see, please email us.

Marina Yanay-Triner, Founder

Marina is a certified health and nutrition coach. Through Soul in the Raw, she blogs and educates people about veganism and raw foods. Her goal is to show people how easy raw veganism can be, and how fun and flavorful it is to add more raw foods to their lifestyles. She began her raw vegan journey as a result of a powerful healing story in her family, and discovered her own body and a new connection to herself in the process. She is excited about being part of PlantDiego to promote a more health-conscious and connected San Diego. A plant-based diet can promote a connection to self, each other, the animals, and our precious planet.

Tracy Childs, Founder

Tracy is a teacher and co-author of 3 e-books with a passion for creating healthy, delicious vegan recipes (with dairy replacement a specialty). With a desire to help the community explore how food choices influence our health, she co-founded her plant-based cooking and nutrition company Veg-Appeal in 2009 and has taught community Food for Life cooking and nutrition classes (a program of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine) since 2005. She co-founded PlantDiego after seeing the film PlantPure Nation, seeing the need to continue the movement (i.e., the PlantPure Communities Pod program) within San Diego towards using food as medicine. Her goal is helping to educate and inspire our community to move towards healthier, cleaner and more compassionate foods for all reasons including our planet, the animals and through a better sense of belonging to a caring and like-minded community.

Gina Sample, Webmaster

Gina is a freelance graphic designer for Sample Design, trained culinary professional, and athlete. She changed her dietary lifestyle back in 2010 after a 21-day cleanse and detox program. The result was increased energy, improved training and race times, and the ability to recover quickly. In 2014, Gina received a  Culinary Arts certificate at San Diego Continuing Education and founded The Vegan Lab. Her goal is to help others transform their health through clean, plant-powered eating by offering cooking classes, weekly meal delivery, and small event catering. As webmaster, Gina is excited to combine her graphic design skills and plant-based culinary knowledge for PlantDiego.